Let's go international!
September 18-19, 2019
KMW CoProduction Meetings is a forum for reinforcement of international co-production in Ukraine in the field of film and TV production. The goal of the event is very practical: to find partners for international co-production with Ukraine and to spread the word about Ukrainian projects, production capacity and creative potential on the international level.

The program includes presentations of projects, discussions, face-to-face meetings and consultations with Ukrainian and foreign producers.Invited foreign filmmakers have a lot of experience in co-production, and have already shown their interest in cooperation with Ukraine and Ukrainian projects at international forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK, a B2B ground for international filmmakers. Moreover, the invited producers have their own projects (feature films, series or documentaries), that may be realized in a partnership with Ukraine.

The event is supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
Program for Ukrainian participants

Day 1
September 18, 17:00
London conference hall, Hyatt Regency Kyiv
  • Presentation of companies and international projects for potential partnership or co-production with Ukraine
  • Panel discussion: Co-production with Ukraine
  • Networking
Day 2
September 19, 16:00
Paris conference hall, Hyatt Regency Kyiv
  • Face-to-face meetings between Ukrainian and international producers, where Ukrainian participants may present their projects, preliminary selected by the organizers.
Each meeting lasts 20 minutes maximum, each participant may have up to 5 meetings. The meetings are scheduled by the organizers.
KMW CoProduction Meetings will take place in the course of the international media forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5, All Tarasova str.)
International producers
The filmmakers who have been invited to the event are very experienced in co-production and have already demonstrated their interest in cooperation with Ukraine and Ukrainian projects. They will take part in international forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK on September, 16-18 and KMW CoProduction Meetings on September, 18-19.

Names of all guests will be announced soon – follow the news

Gal Zaid
Head of Drama, Endemol Shine Israel, Israel

"We are interested in possible International projects in English language that could be pitched to worldwide streamers. These would be in genre of Sci-fi, High concepts. Also, we are ready to work on co-productions for local market dramas (historical or modern) with concepts of Ukraine, Israeli or Jewish descents. In addition, we are considering cooperation for filming part of our projects in Ukraine"

David Leader (instead of Anders Tangen)
Head of development, Viafilm, Norway/USA

"I am interested in films and series for broadcasters and platforms, both dramas and comedies. I would consider the projects at the development stage, with financial part confirmed, with ethnic elements, mystic and sci-fi drama. I am also interested in projects, that can be filmed in Scandinavia"

Gavin Reardon
Head of international Sales and Co-production at Incendo, Canada

"We are looking for drama series of all types which would make financial sense to co-produce in Canada (i.e. there's Canadian or North American element to the story). We prefer stories which have completed pilot scripts and some financing attached, but again, are open for the right project to become involved at an early stage. We also prefer content which has been developed from some existing intellectual property"

Rastislav Šesták
Member of Slovak Film and Television Acamedy, Сo-owner and producer, DNA Production, Slovakia

"I am open for interesting proposals. Firstly I will pay attention to thrillers and crime dramas. It may be a film or TV series. I would consider options of other content for TV platforms, either traditional or streaming services"

Martichka Bozhilova
Film and TV producer, Agitprop, Bulgaria

"I am interested in possible International scripted and non-scripted projects in the field of both - drama and documentaries. Also, I am ready to work on co-productions of dramas and docs with concepts of Ukraine and Europe. In addition, I would consider cooperation/service for filming part of our projects in Ukraine"