Ukrainian producer's Check-list: Must-Do's at KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019
Organizers have developed an algorithm to help participants navigating KMW CoProduction Meetings program and set priorities for each day of the event

We remind you that this year KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will be held in the new format. The event will last for two days. The first day will be dedicated to the current state and prospects of development of co-production in Ukraine, the second — to the face-to-face meetings of Ukrainian and foreign producers.

So what Ukrainian producers should focus on to optimize their work at KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 and best benefit from the event? Here's a checklist of key moments.

  • Get familiar with the current needs and priorities of potential foreign partners to understand how you can help each other, now or in the future. You will have this opportunity on the first day of the event during the presentation of projects by international producers who are interested in cooperation with Ukraine.
  • Participate in a panel discussion which will follow the presentation. It will give you understanding of technical, legal, financial and other issues of international cooperation, the solution of which will encourage foreign producers to actively seek for partnership with Ukrainian colleagues.
  • Join a networking session that will conclude the first day of the event. This is a great opportunity to communicate and set up contacts with both foreign and Ukrainian colleagues.
  • Participate in face-to-face meetings with potential international partners on the second day of the event. This is not only an opportunity to get an evaluation of the international potential of your projects from experienced foreign producers, but also a chance to establish personal contacts with them. That is you work for the future: even if you don't find foreign support for your current project immediately, you will establish relationships with foreign producers for further cooperation.
Earlier we announced three of foreign producers that will take in KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019: Gal Zaid, Head of TV script writing department at Endemol Shine (Israel), Anders Tangen, CEO of Viafilm (Norway / USA) and Gavin Reardon, Head of Sales and Co-production at Incendo (Canada). Now organizers are glad to inform you that Rastislav Šesták from Slovakia, has joined them.

Rastislav is a member of the Slovak Academy of Film and Television, Co-owner and producer of DNA Production Studio. DNA Production was found in 2001 and started to produce independent short films, many of which were later recognized by critics and awarded by international festivals. Since 2007, the company has also been working on full-length films, paying special attention to young filmmakers who are not afraid to experiment with genres and themes. Rastislav Šesták will present the project he is currently working on and seeking partners in Ukraine at KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019. But that's not all.
"I am open for interesting proposals. Firstly I will pay attention to thrillers and crime dramas. It may be a film or TV series. I would consider options of other content for TV platforms, either traditional or streaming services"
Rastislav Šesták
Member of the Slovak Academy of Film and Television, Co-owner and producer of DNA Production Studio
Soon, one more name will be added to the list of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 foreign participants. As far as the goal of the event is to create conditions for establishing effective partnerships that will promote current and long-term co-production in Ukraine.

"We hope that KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will make it possible to increase the number of successful co-production projects in Ukraine. It is extremely important because co-production fulfills two major missions at once: it stimulates the development of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry at all levels and opens our country to the world at the same time," emphasizes Victoria Yarmoschuk, CEO of Media Resources Management, the organizer of KMW.

This year KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) within the framework of the Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector program. Due to this, the admission is free for pre-registered Ukrainian participants.

KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will be held on September 18 and 19 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5, Alli Tarasova St.). The admission is free for registered participants. Registration is separate for each day of the program. Details and registration form are available at the link. Please, sent registration applications by August 26, 2019.

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